STAC Coinstarter - ICO crowdfunding and token creation platform screenshot
Coins Accepted: ETH
KYC needed: No
Country Restriction:US citizen cannot participate
ICO Starts: Jan 6th, 2018
ICO Ends: Feb 17th, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 4,500 StarterCoin
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Notes:ERC20 Token, Softcap:15,000ETH, Hardcap: 154,622 ETH, Country of Origin:British Virgin Island
CoinStarter is a first of its kind technology. Their user-friendly platform is the perfect fundraising tool that addresses all the issues of the crowdfunding ICO model. With the help of their proprietary software, users can launch their campaigns and coins in just a few minutes as opposed to the days, weeks and months required by other crowdfunding platforms.

The CoinStarter platform will charge a fee of 500 StarterCoins (STAC) to launch a project and 5% of the total raised for any campaign. Moreover, the platform will charge a 5% fee of any newly issued token launched on the platform. As a consequence of these newly issued tokens, they will create a crypto currency fund in which all the currencies will be traded or held for investment purposes. Depending on their involvement with a client campaign our participation could be higher in terms of take. These structured and minimum fees will provide a stable and consistent revenue stream for the CoinStarter platform.

In addition, Coinstarter intends to generate substantial revenue from CoinStarterBox and Businefy applications. There’s already been high demand for these products by our users during the current beta period. These are the products we’ve already launched in beta, but we plan on introducing more verticals in the coming months that will be promising for continued revenue growth

ICOBench Rating:3.5 / 5.0

ICODrops Rating: Nuetral Interest

ICORating Rating:No Rating, high hype, Risk rating unavailable

TrackICO Rating: 3.3/5.0

Famous Infuencers Support: N/A

Telegram's suscribers number range: 400 level @Jan15

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