ABT ArcBlock - blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying dAPPS screenshot
Coins Accepted: ETH, CMT
KYC needed: YES
Country Restriction:USA, CHINA, CANADA, KOREA citizen cannot participate
ICO Starts: Feb 3rd, 2018
ICO Ends: Feb 11th, 2018
Price: 1 ABT = 0.53 USD
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Notes:ERC20 Token, Target fundraising USD45million, Country of Origin:USA
Arcblock is a blockchain ecosystem for building and depploying user friendly decentralized Apps. ArcBlock platform is built using a “top-down” strategy that centers on the user experience. In contrast, many existing solutions focus on the blockchain technology itself at the expense of user friendliness. Applications built with ArcBlock offer reactive, real-time experiences.ArcBlock intentionally NOT to create new blockchains but cooperate with existing mainstream blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger etc.)

ICOBench Rating:N/A

ICODrops Rating: High Hype, High Interest, High ROI

ICORating Rating:N/A

TrackICO Rating: 4.8/5.0

Famous Infuencers Support: Ian Balina, Michael Suppo (Suppoman)

Telegram's suscribers number range: 30,000 level @Jan15

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