LiveEdu (EDU) screenshot
Coins Accepted: ETH, BTC
KYC needed: NO
Country Restriction:No country restriction
ICO Starts: Jan 15th, 2018
ICO Ends: Feb 10th, 2018
Price: 1 EDU = 0.1000 USD
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Notes:ERC20 Token, Hardcap: USD10 million Country of Origin:UK 100% sold out on Jan 27
LiveEdu billboard screens in big metropolitan cities around the world where people can watch projects live. Localized content to various countries. Content catalogue expansion to include more topics, just as YouTube and spotify did.

ICOBench Rating:2.9/5.0

ICODrops Rating: N/A

ICORating Rating:Medium Hype, Low Risk

Trackico Rating:4.6/5.0

Famous Infuencers Support: N/A

Telegram's suscribers number range: 10300 level @Jan15

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